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At Three Crowns Electric, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and tailored electrical services to meet the diverse needs of Loveland’s residential and commercial sectors. With a unique mix of cultural richness, expanding urban areas, and a growing industrial sector, Loveland requires a skilled approach to traditional and innovative electrical solutions.

Residential Electrical Services in Loveland, Colorado

One of our electricians running wiring in a new construction
Running wires in a new residential construction

Comprehensive Home Electrical Installations and Upgrades

Advanced Installation Services

  • Smart Home Systems: We install state-of-the-art home automation systems that control lighting, climate, and security, significantly enhancing your home's convenience and energy efficiency.

  • EV Charger Setups: We provide expert installations of home EV chargers, catering to the modern homeowner’s needs for sustainability and convenience.

    Learn more about our EV Charger Installation Service

  • Pool and Hot Tub Wiring: Specialized wiring services to power pools and hot tubs safely and efficiently, perfect for Loveland’s family homes.

    Learn more about our Hot Tub and Pool Wiring Service

Essential Upgrades ad Safety Enhancements

  • Electrical Panel Upgrades: Upgrading outdated electrical panels to accommodate additional circuits, improve safety, and enhance overall electrical capacity, crucial for older and new constructions alike.

  • Energy Efficiency Improvements: We focus on reducing your energy usage while maximizing home comfort.

  • Whole-Home Surge Protection: Protecting homes from unpredictable voltage spikes that can occur during Loveland’s stormy weather, ensuring the longevity and safety of your electrical appliances.

Specialized Services for Every Home

  • Lighting Solutions: Custom interior and exterior lighting designs that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your home, from garden lights to comprehensive indoor ambiance setups.

    Learn more about our Lighting Installation Service

  • Backup Power Generators: Installation of backup generators to keep your home powered during outages, a common need in areas with fluctuating weather conditions like Loveland.

    Learn more about Generator Installation

Explore All Of Our Residential Electrical Services

Commercial Electrical Services

A lighting installation we handled for a customer in an agricultural setting

Loveland’s commercial sector is encompasses everything from small businesses and large retail centers to industrial facilities and high-tech startups.

Full-Spectrum Commercial Electrical Solutions

New Constructions and Renovations

  • New Construction Electrical Installations: We handle complete electrical installations for new commercial buildings, including malls, office spaces, and restaurants.

  • Commercial Renovations: Upgrading and retrofitting electrical systems during commercial renovations to improve energy efficiency and operational reliability, essential for Loveland’s diverse business environments.

Specialized Commercial Services

  • Industrial Electrical Services: Tailored solutions for industrial applications, including manufacturing plants and warehouses, with heavy-duty wiring and energy-efficient lighting that meets Loveland’s industrial standards.

    Learn more about our Commercial Power Distribution Service

Learn more about our Commercial Electrical Panels Service

  • Retail and Hospitality Lighting: Advanced lighting solutions that create welcoming environments in shops and hospitality venues, enhancing customer experiences and safety.

  • Agricultural Electrical Systems: We provide specialized services that support agricultural facilities, including dairy farms and greenhouses, ensuring that high-demand tools and systems are efficiently powered and controlled.

Explore All Of Our Commercial Electrical Services

Why Choose Three Crowns Electric for Your Loveland Electrical Needs?

  • Customer-Centric and Comprehensive Services: We offer personalized service plans designed to meet the specific electrical needs of Loveland’s homeowners and business operators, ensuring satisfaction and safety on every project.
  • Expertise in Local Requirements: Our team’s profound knowledge of Loveland’s building codes, environmental conditions, and energy needs ensures that every project is executed with expertise and precision.
  • High-Quality and Reliable Solutions: We utilize the best materials and the latest technologies to provide solutions that are not only reliable but also sustainable, aligning with Loveland’s green initiatives.

Unique Electrical Demands of Loveland

Loveland's distinct characteristics require electrical solutions that are tailored to its environmental conditions and dynamic needs. From the historic downtown to the fast-developing residential outskirts, and the industrious sectors, our services cover all bases.

Tailored Solutions for a Diverse City

Historic and New Developments

  • Historic Building Retrofits: Upgrading electrical systems in historic buildings to meet modern safety standards while preserving architectural integrity.

  • New Home Installations: Equipping new constructions with the latest in home automation, energy-efficient systems, and modern comforts that meet Loveland’s residential growth.

Artistic and Cultural Venues

  • Specialized Lighting Installations: Providing advanced lighting solutions that enhance art displays and performances, crucial for venues like the Rialto Theater and local galleries.

  • Event-Specific Electrical Needs: Tailoring temporary electrical setups for community events such as the Loveland Sculpture in the Park, requiring meticulous planning and flexible power solutions.

Environmental and Climatic Considerations

Weather-Responsive Systems

  • Storm and Surge Protections: Installing systems to protect against frequent summer storms and lightning strikes, including whole-house surge protectors and backup generators.

Expanding Industrial and Commercial Sector

Support for Local Businesses

  • Breweries and Tech Startups: Providing heavy-duty electrical systems capable of supporting large-scale brewing operations and tech-manufacturing facilities with reliable power distribution and efficient lighting.

  • Agricultural Facilities: Specializing in electrical solutions for agricultural sites, including greenhouse lighting and irrigation system controls that help optimize production.

Partner With Us Today

Whether you are updating your home’s electrical systems, setting up a new commercial space, or need specialized industrial electrical services, Three Crowns Electric is here to provide the expertise and quality service that Loveland trusts. 

Contact us today to discuss your project needs or to schedule an on-site consultation. 

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Three Crowns Electric was very prompt in providing a bid and installing exterior dawn to dusk flood lights. The owner and the installation staff are all top notch.

Kristen Ranking with a positive Review

Kristi Rankin

Home Owner

Real Authentic, kind, hard working men made a super challenging hot tub wiring happen for our sick and disabled daughter. Three Crowns Electric is trustworthy and highly skilled!!

Susie Saunders

Susie Saunders

Hot Tub Owner

Second time I’ve use Three Crowns Electric, and they were outstanding again. Great value, very professional service, and very friendly crew. Well run company!


Jordan Stroup

Home Owner

Jon and his team are top notch. They are responsive and quick. We own rental properties in the area and Jon will be our go to electrician moving forward. Do recommend.

Cody Stevenson

Cody Stevenson

Rental Property Manager

Came in and figured out why our heated floors weren’t working when no one else could. Appreciate you guys. Thank you!


BJ Hill

Home Owner

Three Crowns was great. Someone actually answered the phone. I needed something taken care the day I called. They sent 2 professional gentlemen out that afternoon and addressed the situation. I will absolutely recommend the and use them again


Lindsey Crisanti

Home Owner

The electricians were wonderful! They were super nice and very professional. They completed the work quickly and thoroughly. I would definitely recommend Three Crowns Electric to anyone based on my experience.


Linda Vogel

Home Owner

The 2 professionals came over installed everything I requested and did it in a timely and expert fashion I will definitely use this company should I need additional work and will refer them to my friends and coworkers.  I'm very happy with the finished product.


Don Cisneros

Home Owner

We needed an EV charger installed in our garage.  The electricians showed up on time, were friendly, and did a beautiful job very quickly.   We had a great experience and would use Three Crowns again.

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Lisa Brouch

Home Owner

Quick response and huge help with install of Ring accessories. Knowledgeable and professional. Thank you!


Trevor DeBaere

Home Owner

They did a great job installing our charger. Very fast and professional and we are very happy with the result!

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Margeaux Christopherson

Electric Car Owner

Over 200+ five-star ratings!

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