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At Three Crowns Electric, we provide premium electrical services tailored specifically for the Greeley, Colorado, community. Greeley is known for its rich cultural history and strong agricultural base. Believe it or not, this can present unique challenges and opportunities in electrical services.

If you’re looking for an electrician in the Greeley area, you’ll need one who understands the unique needs of the area.

Residential Electrical Services in Greeley

A residential lighting job we handled for one of our awesome clients

In Greeley's diverse neighborhoods, you’ll find historic homes downtown and newer developments on the city outskirts. This means you’ll need reliable and efficient electrical systems that are tailored to your home’s age and design.

Custom Home Electrical Installations

  • Smart Home Automation: Enhance your home's functionality and comfort with advanced smart home technology, from automated lighting to climate control systems that are perfectly suited for Greeley’s variable climate.

  • Renewable Energy Solutions: We specialize in wiring solar panels and other renewable energy systems, supporting Greeley’s green initiatives and helping homeowners save on energy costs.

  • Safety and Security Installations: We can set up comprehensive safety systems, including state-of-the-art alarms and motion-sensor lighting, ensuring the security of your property in Greeley’s diverse urban and rural settings.

Specialized Services for Homeowners

  • Outdoor and Landscape Lighting: Customize your outdoor spaces with functional lighting solutions that highlight your home’s features and contribute to community safety.

    Learn more about our Lighting Installation Service

  • Electrical Panel Upgrades: Upgrade your electrical panel to accommodate more appliances and modern electronics safely, an essential service for older homes in the area that are modernizing.

Explore All Of Our Residential Electrical Services

Commercial Electrical Services in Greeley

Commercial and Agricultural Services

Our commercial services are designed to handle the demands of Greeley’s businesses, whether they are in the agricultural sector, education, healthcare, or any other sector.

Comprehensive Electrical for Commercial Facilities

  • New Constructions and Full-Scale Renovations: We manage electrical installations for new constructions and perform upgrades during renovations to improve energy efficiency and technological compliance.

  • Customized Industrial Installations: Tailored electrical systems for factories and processing plants that require robust power solutions and smart technology integrations to optimize operation efficiency.

    Learn more about our Commercial Power Distribution Service

Learn more about our Commercial Electrical Panels Service

Safety and Compliance

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure your facility meets all local and national electrical codes with our comprehensive compliance inspections and corrective installations.

    Learn more about our Commercial Thermal Imaging Service

  • Preventative Maintenance: We offer maintenance programs that include regular inspections and the maintenance of critical components to minimize downtime and extend the lifespan of your electrical installations.

Explore All Of Our Commercial Electrical Services

What Sets Greeley Apart?

Greeley is a vibrant city with a robust economy. In most areas, you’ll see a combination of historical charm and modern technology. The city's agricultural and industrial sectors demand specialized electrical solutions that cater to heavy-duty industrial applications and the everyday needs of its residential areas.

Adapting to Greeley’s Industrial and Agricultural Backbone

Greeley's economy is heavily supported by its agricultural and food processing industries. This industrial presence requires complex, high-capacity electrical systems to ensure operations run smoothly and safely.

  • Industrial Electrical Services: We provide installations and maintenance for heavy machinery, plant lighting, and control systems that meet the demands of industrial facilities.

  • Agricultural Electrical Solutions: Our services extend to farm equipment, irrigation systems, and facility operations, all designed to enhance productivity and safety with reliable power distribution and backup systems.

A Growing Urban Landscape

Greeley’s urban growth is supported by its cultural richness and educational institutions, which attract diverse populations that contribute to its dynamic residential electrical needs.

  • Educational Institutions: With institutions like the University of Northern Colorado enhancing Greeley’s educational landscape, there is a demand for sophisticated electrical systems that support technology-rich learning environments. Our services extend to providing comprehensive electrical solutions for educational facilities, from classroom lighting to laboratory and auditorium installations.

  • Cultural Facilities: The city's theaters, museums, and concert halls require specialized lighting and sound system installations that only seasoned electricians can manage effectively. Our expertise in aesthetic and functional lighting designs ensures these cultural hubs can host events without any problem.

Residential Community Dynamics

The residential areas in Greeley reflect a blend of historical homes and modern developments, each with their own set of electrical requirements.

  • Historic Home Upgrades: Many of Greeley’s older homes require careful electrical upgrades that maintain the integrity of their original designs while incorporating modern electrical standards. Our services include custom retrofitting that preserves the historical value of these properties.

  • New Housing Developments: As more people move to Greeley, new developments need advanced electrical systems that cater to modern lifestyles. We ensure that new constructions are equipped with the latest electrical technology.

Why Choose Three Crowns Electric in Greeley?

  • Tailored Customer Service: At Three Crowns Electric, we understand that each client has unique needs. We provide personalized service plans designed to meet those needs precisely, ensuring satisfaction and long-term reliability.

  • Local Expertise: Our electricians are certified, highly skilled, and have local knowledge of Greeley’s specific needs, from residential homes to large industrial plants.

  • Commitment to Quality: We use the latest technology and best practices in all our projects to ensure high-quality, sustainable, and efficient electrical solutions.

Partner With Us Today

Whether you are updating your home, overhauling your commercial space, or needing specialized industrial electrical services, Three Crowns Electric is here to provide the expertise and quality service that Greeley trusts. 

If you’re ready to plan your electrical service, fill out our form to get your free quote!

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Three Crowns Electric was very prompt in providing a bid and installing exterior dawn to dusk flood lights. The owner and the installation staff are all top notch.

Kristen Ranking with a positive Review

Kristi Rankin

Home Owner

Real Authentic, kind, hard working men made a super challenging hot tub wiring happen for our sick and disabled daughter. Three Crowns Electric is trustworthy and highly skilled!!

Susie Saunders

Susie Saunders

Hot Tub Owner

Second time I’ve use Three Crowns Electric, and they were outstanding again. Great value, very professional service, and very friendly crew. Well run company!


Jordan Stroup

Home Owner

Jon and his team are top notch. They are responsive and quick. We own rental properties in the area and Jon will be our go to electrician moving forward. Do recommend.

Cody Stevenson

Cody Stevenson

Rental Property Manager

Came in and figured out why our heated floors weren’t working when no one else could. Appreciate you guys. Thank you!


BJ Hill

Home Owner

Three Crowns was great. Someone actually answered the phone. I needed something taken care the day I called. They sent 2 professional gentlemen out that afternoon and addressed the situation. I will absolutely recommend the and use them again


Lindsey Crisanti

Home Owner

The electricians were wonderful! They were super nice and very professional. They completed the work quickly and thoroughly. I would definitely recommend Three Crowns Electric to anyone based on my experience.


Linda Vogel

Home Owner

The 2 professionals came over installed everything I requested and did it in a timely and expert fashion I will definitely use this company should I need additional work and will refer them to my friends and coworkers.  I'm very happy with the finished product.


Don Cisneros

Home Owner

We needed an EV charger installed in our garage.  The electricians showed up on time, were friendly, and did a beautiful job very quickly.   We had a great experience and would use Three Crowns again.

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Lisa Brouch

Home Owner

Quick response and huge help with install of Ring accessories. Knowledgeable and professional. Thank you!


Trevor DeBaere

Home Owner

They did a great job installing our charger. Very fast and professional and we are very happy with the result!

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Margeaux Christopherson

Electric Car Owner

Over 200+ five-star ratings!

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