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At Three Crowns Electric, we understand the unique electrical service needs of Longmont, Colorado, a city known for its beautiful landscapes and dynamic weather. Whether residential or commercial, our tailored services are designed to ensure safety, efficiency, and sustainability in all your electrical installations and upgrades. 

Residential Electrical Services in Longmont, CO

An electrical panel upgrade we handled for one of our awesome residential clients

Tailored Home Electrical Solutions

Our comprehensive residential services cater to the individual needs of Longmont homeowners, providing everything from initial installations to upgrades and maintenance.

Energy-Efficient Installations

  • Smart Home Systems: Enhance your home's functionality with the latest in home automation technology, including smart lighting, thermostats, and security systems that can be managed remotely.

  • Electrical Upgrades: If you need to upgrade your HVAC system to be comfortable in the diverse Longmont climate, there’s a good chance you’ll need an electric system upgrade first. Our team of seasoned electricians has the know-how to get your system upgraded without issues.

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Backup Power Solutions

  • Generator Installation: We provide reliable backup power solutions, ensuring your home remains operational and comfortable during power outages, which are not uncommon given the area's natural weather disturbances.

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Specialty Electrical Services

  • Custom Lighting Projects: From bespoke indoor lighting designs that create ambiance to specialized outdoor and landscape lighting that highlights your home’s architectural features while providing security.

    Learn more about our Lighting Installation Service

  • Electrical Panel Upgrades: Upgrade your home’s electrical panel to support additional appliances and electronics safely and efficiently, a must for older homes in the area.

Commercial Electrical Services in Longmont

Comprehensive Electrical Services for Businesses

Our commercial services support Longmont’s businesses, from startups to established enterprises, ensuring that they meet industry standards and local codes.

New Construction and Renovations

  • Commercial Building Electrical Installations: Tailored electrical system design and installation for new buildings, ensuring energy efficiency and operational reliability from the start.
  • Renovation Projects: Upgrade and retrofit electrical systems during renovations to improve energy efficiency and system reliability. This service is often essential for Longmont’s varied commercial spaces, from breweries to tech hubs.

Industrial and Specialized Services

  • High-Demand Systems: Installation and maintenance of high-capacity electrical systems that power heavy machinery, HVAC systems, and more, suitable for Longmont's manufacturing sector, breweries, and more.

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  • Specialty Lighting Installations: Customized lighting solutions that meet the specific needs of businesses to enhance workplace efficiency or create an inviting atmosphere for customers.

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Safety and Compliance

  • Code Compliance Inspections: Ensure that your business operations are up to code with comprehensive inspections that include a detailed assessment of all installations against current electrical standards.

    Learn more about our Commercial Thermal Imaging

  • Preventative Maintenance Programs: Scheduled inspections and maintenance that prevent downtime, enhance safety, and extend the life of electrical installations, crucial for businesses that depend on reliable power.

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Why Longmont Chooses Three Crowns Electric

  • Customer-Centric Approach: At Three Crowns Electric, we prioritize your needs and strive for your satisfaction with every project, ensuring that our work exceeds expectations.

  • Local Expertise: Our deep understanding of local regulations, climate challenges, and community needs ensures that our electrical solutions perfectly align with what Longmont residents and business owners expect and require.

  • Quality and Sustainability: We are committed to providing high-quality and sustainable electrical solutions that help reduce carbon footprints and promote Longmont’s green initiatives.

What Sets Longmont Apart?

One of our electrical installations for a home built on a steep slope

Longmont is known for a diverse population that values sustainability and technological advancements. The city's location near several fault lines and its varied climate which includes heavy snowfall in winter and thunderstorms in summer months demand durable and reliable electrical systems designed to withstand these natural elements.

Tailoring Services to Longmont’s Needs

Longmont’s geography and climate require a thoughtful approach to electrical installations and maintenance. Here’s how we meet Longmont’s unique needs:

Adapting to the Geographical Diversity

Longmont is made up of flat valley landscapes and rocky mountainous areas. You may not be surprised to learn this impacts how electrical services are handled in the area:

  • Weather-Resilient Systems: Installation of weather-proof systems that can withstand harsh winters and stormy summers, ensuring they work year-round.

  • Terrain-Specific Solutions: Whether it’s a valley home needing flood-resistant installations or a mountain home requiring heavy-duty wiring to combat the cold, our services are customized to your location within Longmont.

Embracing Sustainability and Innovation

As a community that values sustainability, Longmont is a leader in adopting green technologies:

  • Energy Efficiency Upgrades: Upgrading systems to more energy-efficient ones supports sustainability and saves you money over time.

Why Choose Three Crowns Electric?

Our team’s profound understanding of Longmont’s geographical and climatic challenges helps us provide specialized and efficient electrical solutions. We align our services with the community's commitment to environmental consciousness, utilizing sustainable practices and materials in all our projects to the best of our ability.

We pride ourselves on the highest quality craftsmanship and customer service, ensuring each project meets our clients’ needs and exceeds their expectations.

If you’re ready to plan your electrical service, fill out our form to get your free quote!

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